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We always want to make Nova the best work place that we are capable of making.  In order to do so, it requires some honest feed back from the people that work with us.


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Mazzi is the proper way to spell Kelly's first born's name
The customer area is always clean and held at a high standard
Behind the bar is always clean and held at a high standard
The kitchen is always clean and held at a high standard
Braden does everything
John and Logan give us clear direction on changes, up coming things, and new items
We don't need a manager, everything is fine the way it is
I feel like a valued team member both when we are busy and when we are slow
We should hire a manager from somewhere else and not a pre-existing employee from Nova
We should buy plastic plants and stop the killing
I look forward to working special events like throwdowns, trivia nights, tastings, etc.


* Only fill out if you would like to be considered for the manager position

We understand that in order for us to grow and expand, we must find a capable manager that can take on the responsibilities of Nova and not only maintain what is already established, but also to grow and expand in areas that we couldn't do before.  We don't need a copy of Logan or John (one of each is enough), we need someone who can create aspects of Nova go beyond what either of them did.  That doesn't sound hard.

Manager roles but not limited to…

  • Assume Responsibility of all aspects of Nova Coffee Co - Warren Location
  • Oversee front of house - Scheduling, communicating changes, keeping a high work morale, correcting when needed, maintaining a high level of customer service, training, etc.
  • Off Bar Duties - Track inventory, order inventory for both FOH & BOH, schedule FOH workers
  • Develop on-going procedures to maintain a cleanly store, high standard of products, and a productive team.
  • Scheduling - Weekly FOH schedule.  Monthly staff meetings/team building events
  • Event Planing - Plan & execute 2 -3 events per month.
  • Direct contact for private party events and large donut orders
  • Be on-call as a fill in when needed
  • Our manager will be the direct contact to both John and Logan for both the good, the bad, and everything in between.  He/She must play an active role in not only maintaining Nova Coffee Co - Warren, but also actively developing new methods, events, and products to see their store become more profitable. 
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